CETEQ and Nedap provide efficient parking management for housing corporation De Alliantie


Phone calls about parking problems flooded the service desk of housing corporation De Alliantie in the Netherlands. The outdated parking systems were costing the property manager time, manpower, money and annoyance. CETEQ and De Alliantie started an intensive collaboration to modernize and optimize  the parking policies for more than 70 parking locations. CETEQ and De Alliantie selected Nedap's MOOV Multi-tenant software solution, Nedap's license plate cameras and long-range UHF RFID readers to control vehicle access to the parking and to efficiently manage the parking capacity.

Housing corporation De Alliantie

De Alliantie is a large housing corporation in the Netherlands and offers approximately 56,000 homes to people. About 90% of their housing supply is for social rent. The majority of these are located in Amsterdam, but the property manager is also active in the region of Amersfoort, Noord-Veluwe and Zeewolde. The housing corporation strives for good quality of life and housing and therefore seeks advice on most suitable solution from tenants organizations, municipalities and professional parties.

Need for parking management and access control solutions

In addition to thousands of homes, De Alliantie manages a large number of car parks. To offer tenants parking close to their home is a challenge, especially in densely populated neighborhoods such as Amsterdam's Jordaan and De Pijp areas, where parking pressure is extremely high. The service desk of De Alliantie was overloaded with calls from tenants in regard to parking problems. Overflowing parking garages, illegally parked vehicles and uninvited guests were the order of the day and caused a lot of annoyance. De Alliantie therefore searched for modern and cost-effective solutions to manage the parking and access to the car park in a flexible manner.

Nedap's MOOV Multi-tenant solution

In the old situation, tenants opened the car park using a remote control or access control card.  With tens of thousands of tenants, De Alliantie received requests on a large scale for remote controls and badges to be replaced because they were damaged and/or lost. Employees of De Alliantie had a day's work solving these issues. Alliantie therefor selected  Nedap's MOOV Multi-tenant solution provided and managed by CETEQ.

MOOV is a cloud platform specifically developed for controlled vehicle access and easy management of shared parking capacity. With this solution you can easily manage the parking capacity on your shared premises per tenant and control who is allowed to enter and at what time. In the MOOV software you simply define the access policy, then choose how you want to identify a vehicle and/or driver and CETEQ and Nedap ensure that authorized vehicles can enter in certain zones for which permission has been granted. Because this process is fully automated, you no longer have to worry about it. Simple and efficient!

Automatic access control with Nedap's ANPR Lumo and uPASS Reach

The MOOV software is linked to Nedap's ANPR Lumo cameras. This all-in-one license plate camera can recognize the license plate of a vehicle at a reading distance of 2 to 10 meters. This long-distance identification ensures fast and safe passage of vehicles to the car park. No credentials (remote controls or cards) need to be issued to the driver. An authorized driver can automatically get access based on the license plates of his vehicle. On foot, residents dial a number to open the pedestrian door. Through a SIP link with the MOOV system, the door can be opened with their cell phone.

Besides the ANPR Lumo, Nedap's uPASS Reach has been implemented in various car parks. The uPASS Reach is a UHF RFID reader for long-distance vehicle identification. Vehicles equipped with a passive UHF technology tag are identified up to 5 meters away. This ensures that only authorized vehicles are granted access to the car park. Because the vehicle is read at a long distance, this contributes to a fast throughput and prevents queues. This provides convenient access for residents to the car park, especially as they use the car park on a daily basis.

Safe, fast flow and efficient parking management

In addition to the mentioned solutions, CETEQ set up a resident portal for De Alliantie. This portal allows residents to self manage their license plates and GSM numbers which are used to obtain access. The resident portal is integrated with Nedap’s MOOV Multi-Tenant solution.

This total integrated solution ensures that automatic access to the car park is granted to authorized vehicles. Fast throughput is realized while maintaining a high level of security. The operational workload involved in handling the car park access is reduced, so, they can fully focus on their core business: construction, rental and maintenance of social housing.

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